Birth Matters

I believe in the woman’s ability to give birth. Our bodies already know how to do this. We are designed to do so.  Every woman remembers vividly the birth of her baby, so,  its extremely important that she remembers it as a beautiful moment in her life. In the other hand, every labor its different, so, we have to be open to accept those differences and act accordingly. There are no “wrong” or “right” ways to give birth; every woman has it unique way to do it, and we have to honor and respect her own way.

Our so called “modern” society, for some reason has a tendency to picture birth as some kind of illness. Unfortunately this way of thinking brings a lot of doubts and fears to many people. But not long ago, and still in some places around the world, birth is treat it as what it is: something natural.  And woman in labor are giving the time and support that they need during the process.

It is my wish that we return a bit to our roots, and only with support and without interruptions, let each woman find its own way in this special moment of her life.