Anna Marie Chainus wrote:

Eva Lucero was literally an answer to our  prayers. As my due date was fast approaching, Eva, our tango instructor, got doula certifciation and offered to work with me and my husband. Eva told us about  a birth plan, which was empowering.

When my water ruptured at dawn on July 19th, the hospital sent me away as I was not in active labor. Eva met me at the hospital at 4 P.M.;The doctor wanted an induction. I  reflected on the birth plan and wanted to wait things out as baby was fine. I had to return 12 hours later since there was a risk of infection afterwards. Eva  told me that she was proud of me.

Eva, my husband and I camped out at the hotel. To jumpstart labor, we tried exercising, walking and accupressure. When I returned to the hospital,  I was 5 cm. dilated and induced with pitocin; As the pain worsened, Eva helped me in the jacuzzi and I started growling. Eva whispered calming words, asking to keep my vocal pitch low . She held my hand the whole time and never left my side.

Eva quickly explained to my nervous mom how I had to vocalize in order to push through labor. The nurses wanted to increase the pitocin dosage, and fortunately, Eva heard me murmur: “A four is enough…” and informed the nurses. I had the urge to go on all fours and Eva said: “Do it!” As baby crowned,. the nurses helped me to the bed,. As baby’s head popped out my water finally broke, making baby torpedo out of me. Eva stayed with us for two hours to take pictures of the bonding moments with baby and visited us a few days later with frozen peas to help with painful stitches.

If you are in need of a doula, do not hesitate to pick Eva. She will advocate your wishes, she will nurture you and validate you. If I do have another baby in the future, I would in a heartbeat choose doula Eva. Thank you, Eva! My husband and I are forever grateful!

Candido Chainus wrote:

Eva is a tremendous help to my wife, exudes a great sense of comfort to our grandmother who worries a lot, and a reassuring help to me as a husband when I’m at a loss what to do next. All this made the experience of the birth less stressful and more wonderful to be a part of.




Kristina Moi wrote:

My experience with Eva Lucero as my doula was so rewarding. I felt like my husband and I with Eva could have birthed our baby on our own, and we practically did as the midwives only showed up at 3am and I had my baby girl at 6am. We labored together for hours on our own and I was able to get to 7 centimeters in a matter of hours by relaxing my uterus and breathing into my body.

This was my first baby and I had a lot of fears about the pain of natural childbirth, however Eva guided me into establishing such a good rhythm with breathing, low moaning and utilizing different positions for birthing. When I would get uncomfortable she would suggest a new position to try, when I would raise my voice she would redirect me by moaning with a low tone which eased the pain and relaxed my uterus. Eva could anticipate my needs before I even had to ask her, whether I needed some water or light massage she was always right next to me ready to help.

When my midwife suggested I start pushing, Eva advocated for me that I inteneded to breath my baby out instead, which was my intention. Her encouragement and belief in my ability to birth gave me the confidence that my body could do this and that I was doing a great job of listening to my body and knew best what I needed during my labor. Her calming presence and complete attention to me gave me the support I needed to trust that my birthing experience could be what I envisioned and without a doubt I would say I had the birth that I wanted and have no regrets. Eva was an invaluable asset to my birthing experience and I would recommend her to any women, whether she has done a natural birth before or not, she will be in very caring, competent and supportive hands with Eva Lucero as her doula.

Picture courtesy of Pixie Life Photography

Kirstin Jaeckel Gonzalez wrote:

Eva’s presence is like magic: at once flowing, calm, peaceful and full of knowledge and wisdom. I did not know I wanted a doula but am so glad Eva was on our team. I chose her to help because she and my husband also speak Spanish and we felt that he would need some extra support because of past trauma. When we met with Eva, she was happy to discuss all of our important questions as well as every little thing that came to our minds. Eva is so lovely inside and out and I was instantly comfortable to be around her.  That comfort continued through the birth of our baby when it was invaluable to me to have her on my side. I was relieved to see Eva arrive so promptly when I went into labor so quickly. Eva helped me throughout to put into words what I needed. She also was able to communicate without words and could see what I needed. For example, I did not know I would not want to be touched during labor but she realized it right away and was able to comfort me and talk me through difficult moments with her soothing words. Eva was very clear about what we could expect from her and even after the birth she went beyond her duties and helped me by picking up some things from a lactation consultant when I needed some help with breastfeeding. It was important to us that we could talk with Eva about our feelings after the birth as well.  She really helped us put some things into perspective and put our minds at rest. I highly recommend including Eva in your birth process. You may feel like having another baby just to have her again by your side. 😉